Que linda! A capa de The One da autora Kiera Cass foi revelada…. e segue o estilo dos outros lindos só que ainda mais perfeita. OMG! Todos babando agora!

Confira o texto da autora Kiera Cass ao site Hollywookd Crush… na revelação dessa capa perfeita.

“Kiera Cass here to let you know finally the day has come—the cover for “The One” is blinding your eyes with its glory! I’ve loved all the covers, and I know you have, too. But I’ve got to say there’s just something special about this one. Maybe it’s that look in America’s eyes like she knows something we don’t. The pose is so reminiscent of the first book, but it carries a completely different feeling. Like maybe the first time around she was keeping everyone else away from her, but now she’s got something in her back pocket and she’s not showing it until she’s ready. It’s mysterious and confident, and I adore it!

Although, I feel I should issue a disclaimer. See, I can already hear you through the computer. “Guys…GUYS! America is in a white dress! This is not a drill! That is a wedding dress, where is the registry, am I invited ashdisehrichsjdn!

And while that reaction is kind of adorable, you should know she might not be wearing a white dress for the reason you’re thinking. So…is it a wedding dress? Is it a uniform? Was the dress originally pink and she fell into a vat of bleach before passing by? I cannot say! But I do totally love it and hope you do as well. And I hope you also love all the pretty words inside!

Let me know what YOU think of the covers by tweeting me @kieracass.”

Infelizmente o livro só será lançado lá fora em Maio de 2014. Parece brincadeira né? Quem aguenta de ansiedade?
Editado: “The One” (“A Escolhida”, aqui no Brasil) será lançado simultaneamente com os EUA em maio, assim como “The Selection Stories”, que sairá em fevereiro! \o/ ~ divulgado pelo Facebook da editora Seguinte :)